FRC Western Canada Regional – Travel Info

FRC Western Canada Regional

Travel Information


April 5 – April 8, 2017
Olympic Oval, University of Calgary

Map of Event Location


Your team may need a visa or other travel authorization to visit Canada for this event. As of March 15, 2016, visitors from most countries will also need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) in order to travel to Canada. Find out more information here:

Electronic Travel Authorization

Please consult the Government of Canada and the Canadian Border Services websites for information on travel document, and Visa requirements:

Government of Canada Immigration & Citizenship

Canadian Border Services Agency

You can also consult your nearest Canadian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission:

Canadian Embassies & Consulates 

Also be aware that persons under the age of 18 are considered “Minors” in Canada, and there are additional documents that must be prepared for these individuals:

Travel Info/Requirements for Minors

Event Parking

The University of Calgary has several visitor parking lots available around the Olympic Oval. Lots 10 and 11 are single-entry-day-rate lots and are closest to the venue. Keep in mind, however, if you leave the lot, you will have to pay again to park again. For information on parking rates, lot locations, and parking maps, visit their parking website:

UofC Parking


For Teams/Volunteers/Spectators travelling to Calgary for this event, the FIRST Housing Program has discounts on lodgings:

Public Transportation – Calgary Transit

Fares are generally $3.15 per ride for Adults, and $2.10 for youth and students (must show valid student ID).  Day passes can also be purchased. For more information visit the Calgary Transit website:
Calgary Transit

Car Rentals

Calgary has several vehicle rental companies. You can find more information about them here:
Car Rentals


More information on our airport can be found on their website:
Calgary International Airport – YYC


Calgary has unique weather and the temperature and weather conditions can change rapidly in a short period of time. April generally brings temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius (about 40 degrees Fahrenheit), as well as light to moderate rainfall. That being said, temperatures can sometimes plummet to -20 Celsius ( -4 Fahrenheit) or lower, and we can often receive snowfall in the early part of the month. We recommend packing warm layers, warm gloves, a warm hat, and a winter coat. If you have a raincoat it is also be a good idea to bring that. Warm, insulated boots, or hiking shoes are also a good idea. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses though, Calgary can be cold, but we also get a lot of sun even in the winter, and with snow cover, the reflected sunlight is extremely bright. More information on Calgary weather:
Environment Canada – Calgary

Foreign Currency Exchange

The National Currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar (CAD). For your reference a link to the Bank of Canada currency converter calculator is provided below, however cash rates may vary by institution. Most banks here can convert small amounts of US Dollars to CAD, and the airport does have Foreign Exchange Kiosks which can handle other currencies. It is advisable to arrange for currency conversions prior to departing for the event. Most businesses in Canada also accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards, but be sure to inform your credit card provider of your travel plans to ensure they can process payments in Canadian dollars.
Bank Of Canada Currency Converter

Things to Do

Calgary and the surrounding areas offer a multitude of activities and locations to visit year round. More information on the many offerings in our area can be found at the following website:
Calgary Attractions