Start a FIRST LEGO League Jr. Team

FIRST LEGO League Jr. (FLL Jr.)  is a non-competitive, hands-on, STEM based program designed for children ages 6 – 10. It is the first of four programs offered by FIRST.  It sets the foundation for students to learn basic engineering and programming skills while igniting their creativity by using LEGO as their medium.  Students are presented with a real world challenge and guided using research, critical thinking, teamwork, gracious professionalism and of course fun!

Time Commitment: 12 hours for team meetings plus ~4 hours of prep time.

Cost Commitment: ~$550/rookie team or $300/veteran team

This years theme is BOOMTOWN BUILD.  Registration is open and Challenge Release is August 1st! Stay tuned for more details.

Teams of 2-6 students and 2 adult coaches will need a location for 12 one hour team meetings.  This could be a home, school, library, etc.  The items needed to get started are as follows:

  • Inspire Set: this contains most of the LEGO needed for the project. It also includes the bricks needed for the Inspire model .  This kit will be sent to you once you’ve registered your team with  You will also be sent the Team Meeting Guide and an Engineering notebook for each student. ($99US + S&H)
  • LEGO Education WeDo 2.0: This kit contains the LEGO motor and remaining necessary bricks needed to complete the team model. This can be ordered through Spectrum Nasco and is a one-time purchase as it can be used year to year. ($249 CAN + S&H)
  • Other necessary items: trifold or poster board, pencils, erasers, pencil crayons, construction paper, and a tablet and/or laptop.  The required software is a free download.
  • Suggested but optional items: One or two 15″x15″ grey LEGO base plates, and extra WeDo 2.0 motor, team t-shirts to show your team spirit, giveaways for Expo’s.

Coaches, when you register your team you will need to agree to the Consent and Release terms, as well as go through a Youth Protections Screening. These requirements will be highlighted in red on your FIRST Inspires dashboard. You will also have to add each student to your team under “team roster” and their parent/guardian will have to agree to the Consent & Release terms on their child’s behalf.

You have all your supplies and your team is ready to go…so now what?

Read through your team meeting guide!!! It outlines everything you need to know for the season! Spend 15 minutes before each meeting to prepare for that session. Make sure your LEGO is sorted and your tablet is charged!

Make sure your LEGO Inspire Model instructions are printed. You will also have a great selection of Multi-media resources to enhance your students learning. A link to this information will be provided after the August 1st Challenge release.

Label your engineering notebooks with each students name. SPECIAL NOTE: do not let students take the notebooks home, they will likely not make it back for each meeting. Keep all the team meeting supplies together.

Plan a field trip! Look around your community for exciting architecture or professionals in city planning who can come talk to your students about area’s relevant to their learning.

Check out our additional Team Resources page!

Have Fun!

You will learn as much as they do along the way! Students at this age are easily engaged and their creativity and idea’s will astound you. Try to keep students on task but if you find their idea’s are running off the beaten path but are still relevant to the program…just go with it. This is how great engineers grow and innovate.

Something has gone wrong…

If you have any concerns or questions, your regional Program Director is always an email away! kim(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

It’s Expo Time!

This is your teams opportunity to showcase their Model and everything they’ve learned. Expo’s are typically planned in Edmonton and Calgary in January – February months, depending on venue availability. Keep an eye on your email inbox for upcoming information about these fun and exciting events, as well as a Team Information Packet on everything you need to know to make the Expo experience the best thing ever!

Do your students have parents who would like to volunteer at the Expo? We have plenty of roles available! Stay tuned for more information.

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